Thursday, 26 June 2008

Online distribution

So, I want to talk a little bit about online distribution of music. This is something I've talked about before and I don't want to just repeat myself. I've talked about my views on downloading and the (possible) future of recorded media. I've also talked about Creative Commons licensing.

It's nice to see the changes that are happening in the music industry. Artists like Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead are using very innovative business/distribution models (without the need for a record company). More and more DRM-free music is being made available. Amazon even has a Linux version of its download client. Even Metallica are now embracing the possibilities the internet holds.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still don't "get it". The main culprits are of course people like the major labels and the governing bodies (the RIAA in the US and the BPI over here). What stumps me isn't just their antiquated views, but some of the stupid ways they go about things. Hopefully, future artists will be clever enough to steer clear of them. Of course, not every artist "gets it" either.

I say, let your music be free and let the people who matter, the fans (not "consumers"), decide what you're worth.

If you want to distribute your music online, here's a few useful links:

Soundclick - Somewhere you can upload your music for people to stream or download. You can decide whether you want people to be able to download it for free or for a fee you set. It also allows you to add a Creative Commons license to whatever you upload.

Magnatune - A great little download shop for independent artists. You can't beat the slogan of "We're not evil".

CD Baby - Like Magnatune, but focused on CD sales rather than downloads.