Thursday, 21 June 2007

Who needs TV when you've got Democracy?

So, what do you do when there's nothing on TV? Maybe you don't even have a TV... Introducing Democracy Player:

Democracy is basically a video player, but it can do a lot more than that. It comes with a built-in channel guide that lets you connect to sort of Internet TV channels (basically just Video podacasts). This means rather than having to go to each individual webpage and download each video, Democracy does everything for you. You can also set it up to automatically download new videos. This means you can leave Democracy running and whenever you fancy watching something you'll find a couple of new videos downloaded!

There's channels about pretty much everything, a couple of my favourites are Pulp Secret and Fresh ink (both comics related), Rock and Roll TV (interviews, features and video clips of various rock bands, some underground, some quite big), The Cooking Show (two drunk Australian guys cook random stuff), Ask a ninja and The Onion News Network. There's also a couple of music tech channels available in the form of Music Tools and The Audio Dojo.

Just head over to and check it out.

Just a note: In a little while Democracy will be changing its name to Miro.