Friday, 30 May 2008

Revelation revolution

So, I've neglected this blog a fair bit, haven't I? Well, in making my own site, I've decided it needed a revival. Hardy Heron's now out and various other things have happened, so it's time I started posting again.

The thing is, there's not much scope just talking about open source music software, is there? Really, all I'd be doing is regurgitating blurb from project pages and publishing collections of links. So instead this is going to be a music blog. But rather than just talking about music, I'm going to be talking about the ideas and philosophies behind it. This means that because of my own ideas about how music should be published and distributed, it will of course have a more open source slant.

I learnt to play guitar thanks to the abundance of tablature available on the internet. I'm able to record music thanks to open source applications. I'm able to publish and promote that music thanks to sites like Soundclick and MySpace. Without the internet and the ability to share whatever I want with the world, these things wouldn't be possible.

The campaign for open source music starts here. Let's see where we can go.